Apologia LIVE Conference for Homeschool Moms - March 6th & 7th, 2015

March 6th and 7th in Baltimore, MD at the Westin Hotel near Baltimore-Washington airport
Renew your vision, Refresh your soul, Rekindle your light
Rebuild, Recharge, Restore, Revitalize

Music lessons, soccer practice, standardized testing, laundry, lesson plans, grocery shopping, curricula decisions, bills, toddlers, teenagers, bickering, phonics, vacuuming, SAT prep, fractions, more laundry, algebra, diapers, cooking, college applications, NAP! (Are you kidding?), cleaning. It's easy to lose sight of the eternal in the midst of the demands of family life and homeschooling. As the year progresses and the days grow shorter and darker, the to-do list seems to grow longer. Pressures and responsibilities mount. Discouragement can set in. Don't lose heart! The ApologiaLive Retreat for Homeschool Moms is the perfect opportunity to reflect and regroup. It is a Christ-centered event, where we will be reminded that Scripture teaches us to stand firm in the faith, to endure trials with joy, to persevere to the end, to hold on to the truth of God's Word, and to keep standing strong in Christ Jesus. Make plans now to join other homeschool moms for the second year of ApologiaLive. Come celebrate the homeschool journey with us as we encourage one another to stand strong.

For details and to register go to http://blog.apologia.com/live/



Maryland Association of Christian Home Educators
P.O. Box 417 Clarksburg, MD 20871